$47 or 2 payments of $24

You're here to bring more healing to the planet 

while feeling satisfied and in the flow.

You know your relationship with money can support that. 

So why do you feel...

  • bone tired of never receiving the income you need?
  • frustrated when unexpected bills/repairs arrive on cue as soon as you have some extra cash?
  • stuck under a glass income ceiling blocking you from doing more meaningful things with more money?

You don't have an income problem, beautiful soul.

THis is a mindset problem.

And it's not your fault...

Your results come from brain patterns that were established long ago without any conscious input from you.  In fact, many of these come from your childhood.

It's kind of like your nervous system keeps consulting your past, as if it's going to a gymnasium full of younger versions of you to get advice on how to engage with money.

How long has this gymnasium of memories, these old patterns from your past, been running your finances?

Can you afford to let them be in charge another year... or two or ten?

You can change this now.

You can identify and interrupt these old pathways and consciously choose how your adult self, right now, wants to relate to and work with money.  

  • Have all the money you need by disrupting your patterns of  scarcity and 'not enough', allowing a free flow of income into your life. 
  • Smile and shrug at surprise expenses as you short-circuit the attachments to fear, shame and guilt that have been keeping money at a distance.
  • End the self-sabotage, avoidance and procrastination that's been keeping you stuck. Give your conscious mind the freedom to create income with ease.

Free your brain of these old patterns so you can create a different result with your money. 

3 Live Group Coaching Calls

- all calls will be recorded -

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 - 12 pm EDT / 9am PDT

Tuesday , May 24th, 2022 - 12 pm EDT / 9am PDT

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 - 12pm EDT / 9am PDT

* plus 3 accompanying audios

Join me for 3 weeks of FUN and INSPIRING live group work!

Here's what we'll be working through each week:

Week 1 - Interrupting the Competing Emotional Patterns to Abundance

In the first week, we'll establish what old emotional patterns are creating resistance to the emotions we want to experience when it comes to income and abundance. Then we'll get to work disrupting those old pathways so you have the freedom to start choosing the emotional patterns you would prefer to associate with money.

Week 2 - Resolving the Conflicting Values Keeping Your Abundance In a Holding Pattern

In the second week we'll dig into recognizing what your true needs and values are and how they may be fighting with each other over how abundance shows up in your life.  Then we'll start releasing that conflict to see how we can meet our needs in safety, without fighting against abundance.

Week 3 - Dipping Into the Abundance Possibilities Now Present

In our third week, we'll step into the possibilities and work to resolve any blocks to allowing infinite abundance possibilities into our life.  

II'm Jen Cincurak and abundance and money blocks are my favourite way to help people access and change their old patterns to create a different life.

Not only have I helped myself and numerous clients work through myriad abundance challenges, I've also run 2 summits about Money Mindset and have interviewed loads of experts.

Now I want to help you create positive money shifts in your own life because I know you're here to help heal the planet in your unique and meaningful way.

Join me in changing your abundance patterns!

Abundance Breakthrough!


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Abundance Breakthrough!


Two payments.

All prices in US dollars. *

Let's heal our mindsets, heal our wealth and heal the world... together.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Inc. 2022