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    Terry Maluk

      Your words about the “black spot” on my glasses really hit home as I focused my tapping today on the issue of not feeling safe being seen. I realized that the black spot was keeping me from seeing, and being seen by, the people who actually need what I offer. Thank you so much, Jen!

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        What a meaningful breakthrough!
        Being seen is such a big block that is quite sneaky in my experience, in that it shows up in places you thought were “just fine”.
        You must feel amazing.
        Thanks for sharing.

        Monika Richrath

          At present, I am working on traumatic experiences. It seems I was left alone in a room very often as a very little child. During the tapping episode I could relate this to my actual belief “I have to struggle for receiving money” (The point is that I have to send reminders to get paid). I think it is related to “getting attention”. Thank you Jen.


            Monika, that’s huge. Wow. I applaud you for digging into this one.
            That’s the thing about really stressful occurrences, especially those that happen when we’re young. They end up being that black dot or distortion on everything we perceive after that. But you’re doing the work to change that pattern. Well. Done.

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