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    Leena Frost

      Thank you, Jen, for posting how to care for your nervous system. A timely reminder to actively practice this respectful and balanced self care. I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen’s line about cracks allowing in the light. Now I’m pondering what a filter that crack or black spot provided for my view of the world, and my experiences and expectations. I’ll work on how the distortion created by trauma has coloured my relationship with money and seek what I truly deserve and what I can truly share with the world.

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        It’s no small task to really have a look at where these smudges and cracks and bits of dirt are affecting our perception of the world. However, the payoff and the relief of being able to say ‘that’s not me, that’s the distortion’ is huge because then it’s conscious and you can make a choice now. It might require lots of regulating with tapping and breathing and gardening, but that’s the great thing about oscillation, you dip your toe in and then dry off, dip one or 2 toes in, dry off. Over time the your window of tolerance will let you immerse more and more until it’s just a lake that you swim in easily whenever you want.

        Leena Frost

          I love this helpful perspective.

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