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      When I did this assignment I was surprised to find that one of my top values was community and being part of a collective.
      Of course this is a big value for me but I wouldn’t have guessed it would rank in the top 3.

      Safety/security/freedom were quite high as well.

      Anyone else relate?

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        Definitely connection is a priority for me. The exploration was interesting. Other values were safety, health, creativity and self expression, self respect and presence. They are all linked, of course. And self respect seemed to be a bit conditional, so I tapped on the conditionality and limitations on when I deserved self respect. And this became the key to having the other values in my life. And then presence came up saying that if I could be present in the moment then all the values would also be present. As would self compassion for the conditional self respect. Still have layers to explore around the self respect, but this has brought an interesting perspective. Thanks for your insightful courses Jen!

        Susan Flerchinger

          First of all, this was a great process Jen… although I may have cheated by looking at the Universal list first to jump start my thinking.
          I was surprised to find my top 3 values were under Freedom. Presence, Beauty and Flow. And definitely one of those hit the ‘where did this come from’ check. The tapping exercise wonderfully allowed me to finally let this one go. Thank you for some new ‘freedom’ 🙂


            Yay Susan!!!
            It always surprises me when I do this that there’s at least one value that’s very important I would never have guessed going in. Now freedom can be part of your conscious considerations moving forward!


              Georgia, you are a rock star! I tip my hat to you for choosing to get under the conditional self-respect aspect. And how beautiful that presence was there to bring everything else in. Beautiful sharing. Thank you!

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